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Search Fund and Private Equity Investors & Operators

Pay-it-forward. Create Value. For the long-term.

Image by Charles Forerunner

Our Story

Paltus Capital was founded by two former searchers, who pioneered the Search Fund model in a new region, Ramiro Alfaro and Juan de Dios Aguilar. After succesfully completing their Search Fund journeys, they have remained active in the ETA community multinationally supporting searchers in their own ETA journey in acquiring and operating extraordinary small-to-medium sized businesses.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the potential of small and medium sized businesses and the power of partnering with extraordinary individuals to create value sustainably, for the long-term.

What we do?

We invest multinationally in small-to-medium sized businesses through the Entrepreneurship through Acquisition model. We partner with highly talented individuals in their pursuit to acquire and operate an extraordinary  business. 

Image by Matthew Henry

Our Team

Multidisciplinary team with investing and operating experience, passionate about collaborating to create long-term value.

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